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Role Of Apple iPad 2 Tablets In Future Financing

Role Of Apple iPad 2 Tablets In Future Financing

Role Of Apple iPad 2 Tablets In Future Financing

The arrival of Apple iPad 2 has generated a rapid race to the production of new tablets to monopolize new market segments. The use of these new devices, which allow people to be connected to the network easily and from any point where mobile Internet access has led to increased production of tablets worldwide.

But the danger of overheating threatens the stability of this new area of ​​computing. A few days ago, The Wall Street Journal made public the findings of a report by investment bank JP Morgan, which evaluates a possible scenario of overproduction of tablets and a fall in the demand for them.

According to JP Morgan analysts who wrote the report, a large number of firms producing electronic and computer devices have been launched, in an almost obsessive, manufacture tablets of different models that can meet or compete with the two iPad models (1 and 2) from Apple. Last year alone, the profits of the company Steve Jobs increased with the sale of fifteen million units and is valued the same thing happening with the brand new iPad 2, completely new features and superior physical properties.

The JP Morgan report predicts that this year the production of different tablets reach 81 million units, which would generate an impressive epic bubble that saturate the market with excess tablets and low demand Overall, being thus inactivates a large number of units in factories, stores and distributors. The calculations have been made by JP Morgan analysts suggest that it is possible that a total of 17 million tablets may never be sold, a figure really concern with the cost of producing each unit both in human resources as raw materials . Let’s see what happens.

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